I have always been introspective.  I had the big existential questions swimming around in my head for as long as I can remember.  Why am I here?  What happens when I die?  What is life?  What is my life for?  How can I sum up courage, survive, and thrive when things get difficult?  How can I live with compassion, joy and love as my default?  Finding meaning and purpose were intuitively important to me and yet didn’t appear to be of value; at least from my perspective.   As a result, I ignored, even rebelled, against my own inner knowingness through my teens, 20's, and 30's, looking for how I might fit my square peg into a round hole.

I had some really great experiences and I worked some really boring jobs.  Through these decades there was a nagging voice reminding me that all I really want, and care about, is human connection.  Connection around life’s big questions and about real issues that were never appropriate water cooler talk.  The older I got the louder this voice became.  I was not living authentically and this no longer served me.  Through a strong Yoga practice, my own personal therapy, some extreme personal losses, I followed my heart and intuition and became a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Finally, my true self expressed any time I sit with a client.  I get to connect, support, and be of service to any and all I work with.  Lucky me! 

my approach

Together we explore what is meaningful to you. Whatever your “big questions” are, that in no way need to be related to mine. Whatever brings you in, we work with. This is about your truth. 

What do you need to live free and authentically, from your own perspective?  How and why are you stuck? What do you need to process, understand, and possible accept or let go of? 

I draw from a variety of theoretical approaches in my work, but am particularly influenced by Attachment Theory, Humanistic-Existential Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Theory. 

My approach to psychotherapy treatment and personal transformation is empathetic and holistic, focusing on you as a unique, complex, dynamic individual. We will work collaboratively to ensure we are addressing your personal therapeutic goals and tailor the therapy to meet your needs.

I believe every client strives for personal growth.  Although this can be painful, embracing one’s own courage to show up and look inside, will have long term benefits.  I will help facilitate this and support you through your journey.   

Liz LaCasto - Marriage and Family Therapist

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